Crawl at the feet of the Princess


Princess Bella is an avid practitioner of humiliation, degradation, and all things kinky.

As proficient with tools of punishment as she is with tools of pleasure, she is a well rounded dominatrix and despite her tender years, but 23, has been in the fetish lifestyle since she was 18.

A Princess, but not in the traditional sense, her long flowing locks and statuesque 5’9” frame is as intimidating as it is beautiful.

A big fan of sensuality she knows how to ensnare men with her looks, to control and own every inch of a their body before using them to fulfil her every desire.

In no senses a traditional mistress, yet consistently showing her strength and knowledge she provides a unique experience of sensuality, domination, and pure sexuality, the ultimate tease, and she knows it.

Originally setting up in Bristol for just over a year, the Amazonian Princess relocated to Edinburgh after falling in love with the city at the start of November and has thoroughly enjoyed setting into the city, and becoming a well loved member of the dungeon! Stay up to date with her exploits through her website (link below) and her twitter princessbella_b

Princess Bella takes Double Sessions at the Maison with other Mistresses in the Dungeon, as well as other devious friends in Scotland.

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Princess Bella’s Personal site: Princess Bella
Introduction Page: Pain and pleasure anyway you can take it

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