The Office Party: The Next Chapter


The Office Party: Strap-On Edition

As promised we shall be holding the 2nd round of our Office Party on Friday June 15th starting at 12.30pm.

The last party was a great success however for the small number involved it turned out tickets through Eventbrite were more hastle than it was worth.

Therefore if you wish to attend this one you should use the form below to contact the party organisers Grace/Bella to reserve one of the limited spaces.

Whether your a veteran or new to the idea of being abused by three gorgeous women with strapons you’re guaranteed a memorable experience at the hands of three beautiful, sensous and rampant women.

Once they have their strapons in place then be assured they will use them.

The party lasts for one hour and is held at the Maison dungeon in central Edinburgh.

If you’ve not been before then you’ll get details of the location before the party but you can be confident in visiting Edinburgh’s premier BDSM play space equipped for all forms of debauchery and kinky pleasure,

Look forward to seeing you there.

Contact Grace about coming to the party...
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