Double-domme sessions


If you think you’re in trouble with one mistress how about trapped in the dungeon with two? Double-domme sessions bring a whole new perspective to playtime.

Double domme sessions can be with any two mistresses. Use the form below and select one of the mistresses and indicate which, if you have a preference, you would like as 2nd. As well as our resident mistresses we regularly have visitors and guests, often for a period of only a few days. As well as being Tweeted by this site and the Mistresses themselves you can make sure your kept up to date by taking advantage of our Club_Debauch memberships which ensure your first in the queue for any opportunities.

[box type=”bio”]When we have visitors, an email announcement will go out to all members on average 24 hrs before the limited availability slots are made public. Our own mistresses also like to travel and we will be announcing their itinerary and availability at other locations around the UK. If you want to keep up to date with our mistresses you can find links to their own personal web sites around the site and on their particular posts and info pages.[/box]

All our mistresses love twitter. As well as having the opportunity to display your servitude all our mistresses love gifts. You can find details of their personal Amazon wishlists on their respective pages. All engagement with our mistresses should be carried out with humility and respect. Remember, you’re dealing with supreme females who will not suffer foolishness or lack of respect gladly. Be warned.

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