There are many aspects of play and arousal that can be catered for in the dungeon however no matter what the flavour of your BDSM it can also be enhanced by doubling the shot.

All our Resident mistresses offer Double-Domme sessions. The torment of two is an experience once endured is never forgotten. You can arrange a double-domme session by contacting any resident Mistress to make arrangements. She will discuss with you what you are looking for in your session and you can discuss which second mistress should also be at your appointment.

Any Mistress who is visiting us at the dungeon will indicate on her particular page is she is available, or in some cases particularly keen, on doing Double-Domme sessions whilst in town. In some cases this will be offered paired up with one resident due to tour dates however things can usually be arranged to your satisfaction.

Opportunities will be published here and on Twitter so be sure to follow.

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