Glasgow – Auld School Party

All three resident mistresses shall be travelling to Glasgow on Sat evening to attend the Auld School Party in G21. Trouble for slaves and subbies shall surely ensue when this trio can be found together. With widely varying appointments and commitments it is unusual in itself for our Edinburgh coven to assemble together and only darkness, suffering and pain can be sure to follow for those who cross their path.

Held at the end of every month, the Auld School Parties work on changing themes and interests and are an opportunity for novice players to meet, learn and ultimately, suffer. Organised by the beautiful Mistress Megara Furie. A house slave will be on hand and you will find everyone helpful and accommodating.

Glasgow Auld School – Playtime

Playtime at the school is always safe, sane and consensual and these events are an excellent opportunity to play in a relaxed environment with like minded adults.

For more information follow the links below and maybe be fortunate enough to grab one of the few remaining tickets. If you are so fortunate then our own Miss Marilyn, Mistress Inka and Miss Sugar Cougar might just see you there. The Auld School has a comprehensive list of do’s and dont’s that any sensible adult would expect however make sure you read up on them before attending. It goes a long way to ensuring everyone, including you, enjoys the event.

Work is planned for the Edinburgh dungeon to improve the layout and install additional facilities. Once complete we look forward to inviting Mistress Megara Furie through to sample some of our own hospitality. More upgrades to the video facilities are being carried out this week at the dungeon and Mistress Inka has the pleasure of the company of Vivienne l’Amour for the remainder of this week with times still available before her departure on Friday evening. Use the form on Vivienne’s Page to get in touch whilst there’s still space, and time, available.

Auld School Parties
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