A lady that needs no introduction, Goddess Sophia hasn’t visited the Maison in a few years but you’ll be delighted to hear that she’s back.

Joining us for a few fleeting days at the end of May word is already out about the Mistress’s arrival on Wednesday 29th May, departing Thursday 30th May and space is already at a premium.

A dominatrix of 14yrs experience the good Mistress has travelled the globe in her supremacy lifestyle and can be found gracing the pages of OWK as well as other institutions of high repute.

A lover of horses the Mistress likes to reserve her crop, whip and sadism for her willing victims. Her horses are always treated with kindness and compassion, being above slaves in the order of things.

For a full run down on the good lady’s extensive skills and pleasures visit her web site from the link below and if you followed her on Twitter you’d be ahead of the pack. The Mistress announced the Edinburgh leg of her tour several days ago.

To make arrangements contact the Mistress directly through the links below outlining the type of session you’re looking for.

Web: goddess-sophia.co.uk
Twitter: @Goddess_Sophia