Any mistress worth her salt has a wardrobe to die for and our three are no exception. Latex, leather, rubber and silk, depending what mood you find your mistress in will also reflect what she chooses to wear. The feel of latex, the warmth of leather, the softness of silk, our mistresses love their clothes and are always adding to their own collections. The clothes wardrobe/dressing area at the front of the dungeon is for the use of our resident mistresses only. Here is where they keep a section of their kinky fetish wear and where they get ready for clients arrivals.

If you are hiring the dungeon of course you may look at the outfits but sorry, these are the personal property of our three resident mistresses and may not be worn.

[box type=”warning”]All of our mistresses have individual Amazon wish lists which can be found on their individual web sites. If you wish you may pay tribute by buying them a gift off their page.[/box]

The changing area may be used if you are hiring the dungeon and have brought your own outfit to change into.