Our mistresses with never be up a creek without a paddle because they have a plethora to choose from. Whether it’s over a mistress’s knee or suspended across one of our spanking benches we have a paddle for every mood and every day of the week.

As well as solid wooden paddles we have flexible straps with rubber, leather and braided ends to offer a truly expansive range of sensations. They also leave a wide and varied assortment of marks accompanied by varying degrees of pain. We are always adding to our collection of paddles as well as regularly receiving gifts from our loyal and obedient subbies. Paddles are often the best implement to apply to disobedient sissy boys who need reminding that it is the mistress who shall always be supreme.

[box type=”warning”]If booking a session with a mistress your limits and wishes regarding marking will be fully discussed before the start of your session. This chat will go a long way to ensuring your fantasies are fulfilled and you leave satisfied with your experience.[/box]

Our full range of paddles, along with all other implements in the dungeons arsenal are at your disposal if you make a private booking. Hire of the Maison de Debauch is £30 for the first hour, £20 for each subsequent hour subject to the dungeon’s availability. Avoid disappointment, book early.

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