We welcome Miss Alice Snow to the Maison who shall be working solely with Mistress Inka over the coming months.

Mistress Snow has wide and varied experience from her lifetime in the kink world and has decided to reward us all with the opportunity for some real time sessions.

Miss Snow is experienced with impact, sensory play as well as skills with tying and bondage.

She is looking for willing submissives to assist in her improving her portfolio including ball busting, medical skills, breathplay, needles, stapling.. and more.

For a limited time only doubles available with Mistress Inka for £200/hr.

The Mistress prefers Evening sessions or weekends but can be flexible with advance notice. Several days is a good plan and avoids disappointment.

You can follow Miss Snow on twitter from the link below or message her directly by email.

Twitter: @MissAliceSnow1
Email: missalicesnow@gmail.com
OnlyFans: Miss Alice Snow