This will be the first visit of the wondrous Mistress Athena to the Maison.

A competent and experienced dominatrix for many years she shall be arriving Monday 29th July and be departing Wednesday 31st July as part of her tour round a variety of UK locations.

Fierce to those who submit for servitude the Mistress is a keen equestrian and saves her love and affection for animals.

Comfortable with offering a variety of services Mistress Athena is very much a lifestyle dominatrix who encompasses all that that ensues.

Normally operating in the region of her home lair in Yorkshire we are looking forward to her visit north.mistress-athena

You can learn a lot more about the good Mistress from her web link below including details on other locations you can catch her on her tour.

Following on Twitter is always the best way to be kept up to date. Arrangements for sessions in Edinburgh should be made with the Mistress directly.

Web: mistress-athena.com
Twitter: @MistressAthena2
Phone: 07990 761324