Mistress Sunny

If ever a Mistress were to be described as cheerful then it would be Mistress Sunny. Expect no mercy or compassion, your torment is Her entertainment. The choice of torment is yours but rest assured it shall be delivered with a smile.

Comfortable in Her position as an Alpha female Mistress Sunny demands your total compliance. Whether it is feeling the sting of Her belt (and a growing array of CP weaponry), the pounding of Her strap-on or on your stomach kissing Her feet you shall be taught and learn obedience.

Based in Fife Miss Sunny is available for sessions at the Maison though obviously these must be arranged in advance to allow travel arrangements. Couples welcome.

You can contact the Mistress through any of the channels below.

Web: mistress-sunny.com
Twitter: @Sunnysunshinex1
WhatsApp: Mistress Sunny
Phone: 07731 553384

Updated: Apr 2024