Taking a break from her legendary hot tub parties we are delighted to welcome Mistress Tess for her first trip north to visit the Maison.

We have warned her to pack woollens as Edinburgh in November is not for the faint-hearted but then that would not be a description one would use with Mistress Tess.

Having travelled to both Europe and the US on her Dominatrix adventures and always in demand it is a treat indeed for Scottish kinksters to have the opportunity for a session with this accomplished and highly experienced Mistress.

Doubles with our own Mistress Inka are of course available as well as individual sessions. More details on Mistress Tess’s own web site, link below.

Contact Mistress Tess directly to make booking arrangements and be warned, delay will undoubtedly lead to disappointment.

Web: mistress-tess.co.uk
Twitter: @mistresstess1