Mistress Victoria

Mistress Victoria is mainly based in Fife Inverkeithing but will happily travel to Maison dedebauch.

Since Mistress Victoria can remember she has always been fascinated by the subversive sexual culture, the psychology behind power exchange and the practice of dark arts.

Mistress Victoria has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle community for the past years and have since then dedicated her time to sharpening her skills and perfecting the art of punishment, rewards, and the paradox of pain and pleasure.

Mistress Victoria is a well established fetish artist, dominatrix and Alpha female

If Mistress Victoria allows you to serve her, you will be soon captivated by her aura and presence. Mistress Victoria is really one of a kind type of woman – Beautiful, fierce, alluring, demanding, sexually dominant and independent.

Mistress Victoria is blessed with natural beauty – her feline face, porcelain skin and Goddess body will be the perfect canvas for you to worship.

Mistress Victoria’s feminine power and deviant mind will make you surrender and give up your thoughts of control – you will be stripped of your ego and be ready to be mould into my perfect plaything.

Mistress Victoria gets the greatest satisfaction when taking you to places you have never been before, where pain is just a memory, problems disappears and your sole focus is on me.

Once there, in your subspace, the possibilities will be limited only by our imagination.

If your new to BDSM, you wanna try something new let’s do it ! We take it at your pace, talk things through and make sure your fully comfortable. If your happy Mistress Victoria is happy.

Mistress Victoria by no means is always a strict Mistress she even offers gfe type sessions or simply just friendly sessions with no sub aspect just kinky fun !

All kinks are welcomed ! Mistress Victoria is very open-minded this is not just a job but a lifestyle I enjoy it outside of work too.

Twitter: @LadyVictoriaxx
Adultwork: Mistress Victoria
Email: MistressVictoriaDolly@outlook.com
Updated: November 2021