Mistress Inka

Mistress Inka is the owner of Maisondedbauch and is an artist in Her craft. You are Her canvas.

Whether painting you with the stripes of lash and cane or embroidering you with Her collection of needles the sadistic pleasure shines through for all to see. Experience is a word often over used but in Her extensive travels throughout the UK and further afield Mistress Inka has collaborated with many of the worlds top Dominatrix's and brings her own brand of twisted humour to the party. Yes, your suffering is Her entertainment and your flesh an invitation to torment.

Now based in Dundee and available for sessions there Mistress Inka travels to Edinburgh regularly but you are never likely to be able to book on same today. Plan ahead. You can contact Mistress Inka through the links below.

Phone: +44 7545 819575
Web: mistressinka.com
Updated: May 2024