Vivienne lAmour 30th – 31st January

With half the Maison crew down in Derby last week Vivienne couldn’t resist the invitation of a quick visit North to catch up with her Scottish friends.

Following from a stop in Newcastle with Mistress Celeste 28/28th the Mistress shall be available at the Maison in Edinburgh on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st only.

A regular visitor there is really no need to go over the Mistresses credentials. From the English Mansion to the OWK her skills are widely recognised.

Her visit also presents opportunities for doubles or even triples with our own Mistress Inka and Princess Bella. An experience never forgotten.

First come, first served. Undoubtedly there will be horse riding in there somewhere so the spaces the good lady shall have available will be filled quickly.

Contact her directly through any of the means below to reserve your time.

Twitter: @kinkyfetishViv
Twitter: @celesteispain