Alexia Gasp joined the Maison de Debauch last year but the start of 2017 has seen her on her travels and difficult to catch for sessions.

Mistress Inka has now reined in one of her favourite possessions and intends to keep Alexia close for the foreseeable future.

Back from her travels we are pleased to say that this will mean that Alexia will be available in Edinburgh and Glasgow throughout the Summer and for the ‘foreseeable future’.

As well as joint sessions with Mistress Inka and double sub sessions with other submissives from Maison, Alexia is available for pro modelling shoots and one to one sub sessions.

[one_half]Alexia loves breathplay, hoods & medical play.

She is now open to including the use of toys for penetration and sex acts (such a DP with toys) on her/others.

arrangements are always at Mistress Inka’s discretion and are fully discussed prior to sessions.

Hard limits to be respected: No scat, whips, or oral sex on men.

Same day sessions are normally unavailable, at least a couple of days in advance please.

Negotiation for first sessions shall always be done through Alexia’s owner, Mistress Inka, however for modelling and photography shoots rates are content dependent and are always agreed in advance in discussion with Alexia herself prior to the day of the shoot. Modelling limits will be supplied upon demand.

Photography sessions shall involve no physical interaction with the photographer

Photography sessions can be arranged on location outside the Maison provided the necessary security and safety arrangements are in place. A model consent form is essential and can be supplied if the photographer requires it. Discretion is always assured and expected from both parties.

Alexia Gasp is one of our most experienced submissives and has worked with a range of fetish photographers both here and on the continent. She also has considerable experience in sub play sessions and is comfortable with a whole variety of play scenarios.

If you would like to treat Alexia then you may gift her through her Amazon wish list by clicking this button.


web: Alexias Introduction Page

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