Mxtress Ava

Welcome to the devilishly decadent and wickedly sensual experience of Mxtress Ava Satanas.

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure and fulfil all your deepest desires in a safe space tailored uniquely to you and your body. Let Mxtress Ava’s dark arts seduce and beguile you.

Mxtress Ava is a weighlifting Goddess using their muscles to bewitch with their strength of body and mind.

Mxtress Ava’s arsenal of exciting and titillating services are open to all, crafted for maximum accessibility, come and kneel at the altar of ecstasy, sensuality and exquisite pain.

All are welcome before Mxtress Ava, their bespoke service is inclusive, creating a disability and neurodiversity positive space, a space for fat, LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary people.

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Twitter: @mxtressava
OnlyFans: mxtressava
Updated: June 2022

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February 2022